Nice hardware probing program

Was trying to find a nice way to format output of things like lscpu and came across this…nice.


Note to self: xsos -cln – nice quick output of useful info on your chip and ting i’nnit.


Installing MS Office on Linux

Great guide worked perfectly using an ISO backup of Office.

I dont care what anyone says, Openoffice Calc is not as good as Excel nor is Impress as good as Powerpoint and im the biggest open source advocate you can get.

Using Heidimysql over SSH tunnel

HeidiSQL LogoIf  like me your servers block mysql from outside connections, you will need to use ssh tunneling if you want to use a gui tool like Heidimysql to manager your Mysql dbs. I struggled to get this new feature working in Heidi until i stumbled on a post by Casey Mclaughlin that contains the missing step (saving server public key to your Win registry using Plink.exe).

So hopefully if anyone finds this post, this will is the link.

Amazing Ant Program

Natural World visits the Arizona desert, where a new honey ant queen wages an intense battle for survival as she attempts to build and defend her empire. Eliminating rivals with ruthless efficiency, sacrificing thousands in her quest for domination, murder, cannibalism, genocide – she will do anything to keep her crown.

Empire of the Ants is the epic story of one honey ant queen’s dramatic rise to power – her brutal fall from grace. (R)