Z550 Project has commenced….


5 responses to “Z550 Project has commenced….

  1. Hey you don’t need to use any of that amateur bug ridden software, just trust Uncy Microsoft and use Media Centre and all the built in great software. Microsoft is great they’ve done all sorts of cool stuff on their latest operating software they’ve:

    – Made sure it uses up all your system ram so there is none spare for viruses to get in
    – Removed almost all tools from the command line that take more than one parameter.
    – Made everything smooth and more mac’ish
    – Got some great new backgrounds
    – Left notepad as it was since Windows 3.11, shame to change things once people are used to them.
    – the best bit… If you try to install it and another silly os is already on your drive, it doesnt confuse you with dual boot options but juke completely takes over the drive and does everything for you with no prompts.

    Pure genius. At last an OS that removes my need to think, dulling my senses and helping me feel at peace in with my pampered and culturally void existence.

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